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Spring Mission Trip Letter from Melody Jones

Updated: Apr 24

A Mission Team went to Japan in Late March! Thank you for praying and supporting the work and mission of Glow!

Here's a testimony from Melody Jones, one of the trip participants!

Dear Glow Friends,

Today marks exactly three weeks since we returned from our "Three Week Trip" to Japan. Three weeks seemed like a long time when we were planning our trip. I certainly was in for a lesson about time.

Time is important to all of us here on this earth. We count the time until we can celebrate things like, birthdays, summer vacation, holidays and weddings.

We even count the days when we are expecting something difficult to happen. How many of us have dreaded the days until our child is leaving for college? There are some who are counting the days a loved one has been ill.

Well... I found myself counting the days while I was in Japan. As we were planning our itinerary, I was certain three weeks was more than enough time to see our GLOW Family living in Japan. I felt certain I would have enough time to visit and minister to all those on my list.

As each day closed, I began to realize how important each visit with each person truly was. After the second visit I realized there would not be enough time to satisfy their spiritual needs. They all wanted and needed more time with the people they had come to know as Christians.

Both the Believers and the Seekers had so much to share about their lives as well as the lives of their families since their return to Japan. They had questions. They had good news and they had bad news to share. They wanted to feel that loving bond they had experienced when they lived in the midst of a Christian


Even those who did not truly understand the love that only comes from knowing Christ as their Savior were longing for it. And... they began to feel it again when they spent time with Christians. They ALL wanted more time.

Easter Gathering in Tokyo

It was then I realized why we traveled some thirteen hours all cramped up in an airplane. We were called to spend time reminding our GLOW friends of their time in a Christian community.

I was also reminded that time is much different for Almighty God than it is for me. While I often feel as though I am "running out of time" I am reminded that our God is the "Keeper of Time". His plans are eternal and therefore there is no time limit imposed on Him.

We spent our time well each day. We were very intentional with the time we had for each visit. We listened, we laughed together, we shed a few tears, we worked and we shared meals and tears with our Japanese Glow Family. We built stronger relationships with those we have known for some time and laid the building blocks for new relationships. We prayed a lot!

Doug and I made plans for future visits. We talked about several ideas that could provide more time with our returnees. Perhaps a plan that would bring many of them together at the same time. A retreat center/location was discussed. A place where families could gather for more than a few hours out of one day. A place where many could gather for a weekend. Children and parents coming from all over Japan to spend time learning about Jesus.

There are a couple of potential properties for such a place. And in God's time we will know if any or all of these locations will work in His plan for Japan.

In closing I rejoice that I had this opportunity to share the love of Jesus with my brothers and sisters in Japan!

There is so much work to be done and I am convicted with the belief that God is using this ministry called, GLOW as one of His works on behalf of the Japanese people. There is much work here and in Japan.

Please pray with me as we lean into God's timing for all things in Japan and right here at home. Let our hearts and minds be open to His word and His direction. May we never forget that all things are possible with Him!!

In Christ,

Melody Jones

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