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Japan Mission Trip Overview

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

"Japan is in need of a spiritual awakening. Oftentimes Christians pray for revival, but we cannot pray this prayer for Japan. Japan has yet to be awakened to the gospel of Christ." - Jay Greer (Lead Pastor of Mustard Seed Christian Church)

Thank you to our supporters! God was glorified, hearts were stirred, valuable connections were made, and leaders were empowered.

We appreciate the generosity of our supporters. This trip laid the foundation for what we hope to be many trips in the future. We want to share with you what your support helped us accomplish!

The mission team consisted of Naoko and her 17-year-old son, Noah and Samantha and her 15-year-old daughter, Kaori. Together the team traveled from the southern region of Japan, Kyushu up to the Kanto region of Japan, which is home to Tokyo. Along the journey, the team visited 26 Glow friends!

God was glorified.

We were able to host 4 separate day retreats. We met in community centers and rented spaces. Those in attendance were Christians, seekers, and even some new to GLOW participants! Together we worshiped, listened, studied and prayed. Those present were encouraged in their faith and renewed in spirit! This renewal overflowed into their homes and relationships. For those who were new to GLOW, we were able to share the gospel with them!All glory to God for his living and active presence!

Hearts were stirred.

Spending one on one time with returnees was a precious time. We were able to listen to their experiences adjusting to life back in Japan. We offered love, prayer, counsel and shared the gospel with those who were ready to hear. After spending time together, many communicated that they realized how much they have missed and needed the body of Christ. They shared that, "they were awakened, not even realizing that they were asleep." Their faith was rejuvenated by our visit and they long for us to come back. We also received many texts and communications asking for prayer for God to make himself real to them, or to increase their faith.

Valuable connections were made.

One of the goals of the trip was to connect with missionaries, Japanese pastors and churches. We were able to attend 6 churches! It was wonderful to have many returnees join us at these churches! We were also able to spend time with 5 Japanese pastors and a few Japanese believers who are willing to minister. They shared with us the current state of the church in Japan and offered a network of church connection opportunities for our returnees. We were also able to spend time with American missionaries and learn from their experiences as well as connect with their networks of resources!

Leaders were empowered.

A very special time we had took place in the home of one of our three GLOW Japan Leaders! Together we were able to offer guidance and training on how to be a leader and what will be required of them. We shared with them why they were selected to lead in this way, making sure they know all the wonderful strengths we see in them. In addition, we had the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with one of the husbands, asking his blessing on his wife as a GLOW Leader. To hear him verbally support her work and the mission of GLOW was so exciting! GLOW Japan has three solid, faithful leaders and they are committed to leading, teaching and sharing the love of Jesus with returnees. Their energy has encouraged us too! These leaders have already begun leading! Churches have been visited, Bible studies have been established and led and meetings at Christian bookstores have taken place!

We truly appreciate you! Thank you so much for your support and prayers!

For His Kingdom,

Samantha Harris + Naoko Uechi

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